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Welcome to New Offical Website Of Municipal Corporation Patiala.

Patiala History
Patiala state was established in 1763 by Baba Ala Singh, a Jat Sikh chieftain, who laid the foundation of the Patiala fort known as Qila Mubarak, around 'which the present city of Patiala is built. After the Third Battle of Panipat in 1761 in which the Marathas were defeated by the Afghans, the writ of the Afghans prevailed throughout Punjab. It is at this stage that the rulers of Patiala began to acquire ensigns of royalty.

Jaago Patiala

Reform 2016-2017




1.     Registration of Birth, Death and Marriage

2.     Water & Sewerage Charges

3.     Grievance Redressal Advertisement tax Mutation Payroll/Pension E-procurement

4.     Property tax

5.     Issuance of licenses

6.     Building permission

Municipal Cadre

1.     Cadre linked training

Double Entry Accounting

1.     Appointment of internal auditor

Urban Planning

1.     Energy Efficiency projects

2.     Preparation of Service Level Improvement Plans (SLIP), State Annual Action Plans (SAAP)

3.     Develop at least one Children Park every year in AMRUT cities

Devolution of funds and functions

1.     Implementation of SFC recommendations within timeline

Review of Building bye laws

1.     Adoption of Model Building Byelaws-2016

Set-up financial intermediary at State Level

1.     Establishing SLFI at State Level

Credit Rating

1.     Complete the credit ratings of the ULBs

Energy and Water Audit

1.     Waste Water recycling Fecal Sludge Management


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